Wrong for Orange County

Only A Democrat for Convenience By SC Drake Harley E Roudy Jr. is wrong for Democratic Party and wrong for…


Stop Praying, Start Fighting Climate Change

If we truly care about the victims of this storm, then we must care about combating climate change.

Podcast 17: Gender and More

We discuss Trump’s recent remarks on Trans-gender people serving and much more

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Podcast 16: North Korea

8/21 Ghost and SC discuss the North Korea situation, and possible solutions, and much more

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Can you Love Animals and Republicans

Now this may seem like a silly question but it highlights an important point. The policies you support matter.


The NFL Draft: A Case for Socialism

While socialistic policies and ideas do not work in every situation, the NFL draft is proof that adjusting the rules to work towards fairness benefits everyone involved, and this can be largely true when it comes to our political system as well.


We Must Learn from Our Mistakes

When 911 happened, I was a young child; only 10 years old. At that time, I did not understand the…